About Collaborative Communities

Collaborative Communities Management Company, LLC, based in Birmingham, Alabama. We provide a range of local constituencies with logistical support for environmentally sustainable and socially conscientious community development.

CCMC serves in both a consultative and project management role ensuring that all project participants operate on budget and schedule.

CCMC was created because of the widely acknowledged need for hands-on, focused coordination of various community-aimed projects. We help our clients to more efficiently utilize their resources, specifically through identifying ways to cut costs and maximize the human potential of both the affected community and other project stakeholders. Through serving this vital role, CCMC provides both short- and long-term economic value for its clients.

Our partnerships include K-12, Trade Schools, Colleges & Universities, Community Organizations, Economic Development Programs, Job Creation, Retention & Training Groups, City, State and Federal Governmental Agencies, Non-profits, Corporations and Small Businesses.

Our clients receive resource efficiency solutions. Although many clients are environmentally minded, all want a greater ROI for their existing projects and programs.